Electric and hybrid performance cars are underperforming in Australian-market resale values across a variety of segments, particularly those at the upper-end of the market where traditional petrol V8 grunt is most clearly dominating newfangled battery power.

With the first electric and hybrid performance cars now tallying three years old – the resale benchmark for new vehicles – values expert Redbook has given its verdict on how the likes of the BMW i8, Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid and Tesla Model S P85D are performing compared with their internal combustion engine (ICE) equivalents; all with circa-35,000km.

And the news isn’t good for lovers of the environment.

BMW’s futuristically styled i8 cost $299,000 when new three years ago, but according to the values expert it has retained less than half its purchase price – just $145,500 when sold privately, or a staggeringly low $128,700 for a trade-in.

The scissor-door 1.5-litre turbo three-cylinder/electric motor supercar claims to slurp 2.1L/100km and emit 49g/km of CO2, which promises significant fuel savings for buyers.

However, Audi’s previous-generation R8 asked $308,010 when new in 2015, and Redbook tells that it will still fetch $176,900 privately or $159,700 in a trade.

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